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Subject: Important Announcement - Server Maintenance and Upgrades

Dear players, we want to inform you that we are going through a challenging phase dedicated to adjustments and adaptations on the wow server, including its Core and the entire database..

This process is estimated to take around 20 days. We apologize for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your understanding. We are committed to enhancing the gaming experience and thank each of you for your patience during this transition.

We will keep you updated throughout the process and rely on the support of everyone. Thank you for your loyalty and trust. HW - WoW Server Team..


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Community News

Dear Heaven WoW 255 Players,

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Thank you for being a part of the Heaven WoW 255 community. We are committed to delivering the best gaming experience possible, and these updates are a crucial step in that direction. Stay tuned for further announcements, and don't forget to cast your votes to unlock amazing rewards!

Best regards, HEAVEN WOW Management Team forum.

Heaven wow Team.

Heaven wow Team